About us

Sunbelt Central America


Sunbelt Central America began operations in Guatemala in 2017. As professional brokers, we work in order that the business in sale has the maximum exposure to market confidence, resulting in a mutual beneficial transaction for the seller and the buyer.

As part of the Sunbelt Network, the largest international network of buying and selling businesses, we offer to individuals or companies who want to sell their business access to a national and international group of buyers.

Annually, Sunbelt coordinates some 3,000 small and medium business commercial transactions.

Mission, vision and values

Focus areas


Companies and Corporations with revenues between US$500K to US$2M

  • Companies with local / regional operation
  • Requires little industry research
  • Fees for services is a success fee
  • Low complexity in transaction
  • Typically transaction between individual people
  • Transaction handled by an intermediary


Companies and Corporations with revenues between US$2M to US$50M

  • Companies with local / regional / global operation
  • Requires market and industry research and extensive financial analysis
  • Fees for services: Combination of minimum contract fee (Retainer fee), hourly payment and success fee
  • The market establishes the final price
  • Transaction handled by a team of intermediaries
  • THE BEST BUYER is sought through a bidding process

The place to go to buy or sell a business

If you are interested in buying or selling a business, contact us. We solve your doubts without compromise.