Business brokerage

If you are selling your business

Sunbelt advises and supports entrepreneurs who want to sell their business to determine business value, set a price, identifying potential buyers, facilitating negotiations and close the deal, so that the business owner can concentrate on management adequate and without distractions during the sale process.

Our processes are designed to complement the services provided by lawyers, banks, public accountants and other professionals. Working as a team, where we take the leadership in the coordination of all involved. We are able to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their process will be carried out in a structured manner by experts in the field, based on the experience of having carried out thousands of transactions, and reflected in the maximization of business value.

We support the entrepreneur so that he can concentrate on administration, without distractions during the sale process.

Business Sale process

1. Initial Conversation with Sunbelt

  • Discuss your goals, objectives and motivation to sell your business
  • Review the market and your ideas about potential sale

2. Preliminary business information

  • Brief summary of your business (initial questionnaire) to be able to make a preliminary analysis of the current situation of the same
  • With this information, Sunbelt will determine if it can help you meet you objective (i.e.: Is the business profitable at this time?)

3. Face-to-Face meeting to define next steps

  • Discuss the services to be provided by Sunbelt
  • Discuss the benefits of making an assessment of the business and the requirements

4. Business Valuation

  • Provide Sunbelt with the necessary information to evaluate the business
  • Sunbelt will work on producing an opinion regarding the Most Probable Sale Price (MPSP) of the business

5. Discussion business valuation and decision making regarding the hiring of Sunbelt

  • Agree and document the price to be requested by the business
  • Formalize the relationship and sign the documents for sunbelt to represent you

6. Preparation business profile

  • Detail of the history of business results
  • Identification of business growth opportunities
  • Review and approval Business Profile by the seller

7. Business promotion in a “Confidential” way

  • Development and agreement of the strategy to market the business
  • Confidentiality management
  • Normal business operation while Sunbelt promotes its identification of potential buyers
  • Obtaining confidentiality agreements (non-disclosure agreement, NDA)
  • Interview and evaluation of potential buyer
  • Coordinate visits to the place of business (if applicable)

8. Negotiation of an acceptable offer

  • Get offers from interested buyers
  • Identify acceptable offers and facilitate negotiations
  • Counseling in the preparation for the Due Diligence process
  • Requirement of initial deposit to interested buyer

9. Due Diligence

  • Generate support responses to customer requirements
  • Facilitation of the flow of information and coordination of the different parties involved in the transaction (i.e. lawyers, accountants, etc.)
  • Support in obtaining financing to achieve the business

10. Preparing for the closing of the transaction

  • Support the lawyers in the preparation of closing documents
  • Review of final documents
  • Support in the negotiation and resolution of differences between the parties and third part financing

11. Closing

  • Support in the development of the communications plan for employees and third parties involved
  • Signing of documents, transfer of funds and payment of success fee to Sunbelt Central America
  • Agree next steps for the transition from business to buyer

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