Value Generation Program

The Value Builder ™ Program is a Statistically Proven Methodology to Increase the Value of your Company

How can I INCREASE the value of my business by 71%?

That’s where Value Builder ™ plays an important role!

We have created a process where step-by-step your company generates results without you, increasing the value of it and giving you back control of your time.

What benefits does the Value Builder System bring me?

Evaluate the company through the eyes of a potential buyer

  • Improves areas that could be negatively impacting the value of the company in the market
  • Identify improvements to be implemented to make the company more attractive to an investor
  • Advice on best practices to grow your business through Certified Consultants

Value Builder ™ is a Three Step System to go along with you in the Creation of a Most Valuable Business

1. Value Builder Score

The basis of the System is this FREE evaluation that through an algorithm evaluates the business in the Eight Value Generators that are the determining factors for an investor when buying companies. It is an objective test of the real potential value of your business.

2. Value Builder Strategic Session

You will meet with one of our Certified Advisors to understand the current situation of your company and the actions to increase its value.

3. Value Builder Engagement Program

Each month we will work hand in hand with one of our Certified Advisors in a different module designed to increase the score in each of the Eight Value Generators. The program includes access to the Value Builder System to be able to control and monitor the improvements and actions to be implemented.


It will only take you 13 minutes to complete the evaluation and you will receive your score in your email.